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Foenix FX One new generation of cost-effective inkjet printers

The FX ONE Printer is a high-resolution, highly compact inkjet printer for printing lot numbers, dates, text, logos and barcodes on all materials such as cartons, wood, bottles, plastic bags, foil, food packaging, cans, extrusions and more.


The Foenix FX ONE is a high resolution, highly compact, new generation inkjet printer for printing batch numbers, dates, text, logos and barcodes on all products such as cartons, wood, bottles, plastic bags, foil, food packaging, cans, extrusion and more. The FX One is an excellent device to replace labels on production lines.

The printer has three different versions: Standard, Remote and Plus.

FX One Standard – the print head is located on the side of the body, with two product-detecting photo-eyes on top. Suitable for production lines where printing is done sideways.

FX One Remote – the print head is separate from the body, with a single product-detecting photo-eye attached to the print head. This printer has an automatic shutter on the print head to protect the print head from dust and drying. The latch protecting the print head has a photo-eye that opens the cover when the product is detected.

FX One Plus – Unlike the Remote printer, the FX One Plus has a print head capable of printing 72mm high code. It is the ideal tool to replace labels. Available in 2024.

Foenix inkjet printers are designed as industrial inkjet printers for coding and marking solutions. Ease of use, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness are key design criteria for any printer, ensuring ultra-high resolution print quality.

Whether you’re looking for an inkjet printer to mark boxes or products, the investment in printing is no longer just the cost of the printer. Consumables and maintenance have become key factors in determining your running costs. Thanks to their clever design, piezo inkjet printers have remarkably low ink consumption and therefore very low costs. Print on any media and up to 15 million characters per cartridge. We offer a wide range of ink fluids in different colours to suit even the most specific applications.

  • Lowest ink costs
  • Cheapest price per print
  • Favourable printer price and low maintenance costs
  • No binding maintenance/service contracts in place
  • Minimum number of shutdowns

Technical info

1-8 lines or 2-18mm print height

Different barcodes, 1D and 2D codes

Ethernet connection as optional equipment

Touch screen as optional equipment

Printer dimensions 242 x 178 x 90mm, 1.7kg

Oil ink is suitable for printing on porous surfaces such as cardboard, paper, wood, cloth.
Solvent-based ink suitable for non-porous surfaces: painted surfaces, plastic, metal, glass, film
Color ink: black, white, blue, red, yellow and UV readable ink.

FX One Standard product page
FX One Remote product page
FX ONE Plus product page

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