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About us

Quadri Grupi AS is a company established in 1994.
Our core business is the sale and servicing of industrial packing equipment and other end-of-line technological equipment, groupers, multipack box and film packers, chassis loading robots, chassis laminating equipment, packing tools and all related accessories, materials and spare parts in the Baltic countries.

Our strategic partners

Our strategic partners are Signode Industrial Group, Mima, M.Haloila OY, Tawi-Piab, Orgapack, Strapex, SMB, Robot MultiProject, Kallfass, Bila-Dan Palletiser, Evolabel, Foenix Coding ja Transpak.

Quadri Group AS sees itself as part of the industrial landscape of the Baltic States and participates together with companies from different industries in the development, improvement and day-to-day management of their production processes.
We want to be highly valued by our clients and partners for our professionalism, flexibility and efficiency, and to deliver good returns for our owners.

The mission of Quadri Group AS is to provide innovative, technically advanced industrial packaging technologies and high quality, economical, environmentally sustainable packaging materials to industrial companies in the Baltic States.

Quadri Group AS provides a professional, competitive and dynamically evolving service to its customers, respects its employees, partners, competitors and the law.

Quadri Group AS aims to:

  • To offer the customer the best technical and flexible technological solutions for the final handling of the product, ensuring its preservation throughout the logistical process from the finished product warehouse to the final consumer.
  • Optimising the cost price of customers’ products through innovative, economical and high quality packaging, ensuring that the production line entrusted to us runs smoothly around the clock.
  • Develop with and contribute to the competitiveness of the Baltic manufacturing industry. develop a “good packaging” standard for the brands it represents, using the best available know-how.
  • Become the best company providing and servicing industrial packaging technologies and specialist know-how.
    Baltic countries.

We want our customers to keep their observations about our service availability to themselves and to actively ask us for better and more convenient solutions!