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Evolabel applicators Tamp, eTamp & QuickTamp

The Tamp applicator is suitable when you need very precise label positioning. The label can be applied from above or from the side at a distance of up to 70 mm and at a rate of up to 120 labels per minute.

The eTamp ‘s rigid and lightweight aluminium profile applicator allows for a range of stroke lengths from 150 mm to 850 mm, delivering the required label application accuracy. From the printer’s graphical user interface, you can choose the exact length of the run for each product – as you move from one product to another, the length of the run changes automatically.

E-commerce and logistics require increasingly fast and accurate tagging technology. Evolabel QuickTamp is a fast and user-friendly tagging solution for mail and logistics centres.


With tamp applicators, the label is placed on the product or on the side of the printer/applicator.

The Evolabel Tamp applicator is ideal when you need precise label positioning. The label can be mounted on the product from the top or side, up to a distance of 70 mm. The pneumatic cylinder applicator dispenses up to 120 labels per minute.

Evolabel eTamp ‘s lightweight aluminium profile applicator allows to apply lablel from 150 mm up to 850 mm distances, providing the required label accuracy. From the printer’s graphical user interface, you can select the exact run length for each product, and as you move from one product to another, the run length changes automatically with the new product selection. The eTamp is step motor driven, which reduces weight and increases flexibility and safety. The Evolabel eTamp applicator is also suitable for pallet marking.

The Evolabel QuickTamp is a fast applicator particularly suitable for labelling products with different heights from the top of the product. The fast and flexible applicator is based on Evolabel’s unique Tactile solution, where movements are constantly monitored and controlled, making the system completely secure. If there is an obstacle in the way, the system stops immediately and gives a warning.

The carbon fibre applicator stem, driven by a pulse-controlled stepper motor, holds the label securely on the patented 3D-printed applicator pad, moves quickly from the top down to the target and applies the label precisely where it is needed. The product height sensor simplifies the label application and ensures the label is applied in the right place, even if the line is fed with products of different heights in random order and the line speed is up to 80 m/min.

The mechanical, electrical and pneumatic interface between the Evolabel label installers and the label printers is plug-and-play. All applicators are universal and compatible with all Evolabel printers.

Technical info

Suitable printer models: D43, T43, T63

Minimum label size: D43/T43: 30x20 mm, T63: 115x20 mm

Maximum label size (WxL): D43/T43: 118x240 mm, T63: 178x240 mm

Maximum effective apply distance: 70 mm

Air supply: 6 bar, clean and dry

Communication: CANopen

Maximum apply distance:

4 models;

eTamp G2 150: 120 mm

eTamp G2 300: 270 mm

eTamp G2 500: 470 mm

eTamp G2 650: 620 mm

eTamp G2 850: 820 mm

Stroke length (Effective apply distance) : 

QuickTamp G2 400: 0 - 478 (0 - 400) mm 

QuickTamp G2 600: 0 - 678 (0 - 600) mm 

QuickTamp G2 800: 0 - 878 (0 - 800) mm 

QuickTamp G2 1000: 0 - 1078 (0 - 1000) mm 

QuickTamp G2 1200: 0 - 1278 (0-1200) mm

Apply speed: Dependent on tamp rod length and pad size

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