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Packaging, loading, marking, labelling, automated warehousing.

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Pallet wrapping

Pallet wrapping materials and equipment

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Palletizing materials and equipment


Steel and plastic straps, strapping tools, equipment and accessories

Packing tape, binding tools and remedies

Tools and accessories to simplify packing work

Staplers – tools, machines, fastening clamps

Label printers, label applicators, inkjet printers, laser marking equipment

Vacuum lifting equipment, vacuum forklifts, vacuum pumps, lifting cranes and systems, mobile lifting equipment, gantries

Automation of pallet loading


Quadri Grupi AS

Our core business is the sale and servicing of industrial packaging and other end-of-line technological equipment, groupers, multipack box and film packers, tray loaders, tray laminators, packaging tools, label printer-applicators and all related accessories, materials and spare parts in the Baltic countries.

Our strategic partners are Signode Industrial Group, M.Haloila OY, Tawi, Orgapack, Dan Palletizer, Jomet, Bila, Böhl, Strapex, Robot MultiProject, Kallfass, Transpak and Evolabel.

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