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Automated tower storage system for sheet metal storage

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Signode StorFast automated warehouse

Signode offers integrated automated warehouse solutions for warehouses and distribution centres.

Automatic identification of incoming goods, assignment of warehouse addresses, storage by rack or by unit, solutions for aisles and rows of robotic trolleys for pallet racking, robotic lifts , automatic palletizers and de-palletizers for racks or goods, conveyor systems, warehouse management for racks and software solutions for bundling goods.



Automated signal storage and retrieval system for output signals

StorFast ‘s product portfolio consists of automated high-density storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) and robotic-based solutions for goods depalletising, palletising and material handling, offering significant cost advantages and higher productivity over traditional warehouse systems. Signode produces fully integrated warehouse automation solutions to maximise operational savings in the supply chain.

Signode StorFast features and benefits

Optimises the use of space:
The StorFast ASRS, with its modular design and space adaptable construction, is planned and manufactured with your specific production building in mind. The result is a maximisation of the use of all available space – a good alternative to building more warehouse space.

Simplifies maintenance

The warehouse automation system is built with standard components, simplifying parts availability, maximising uptime and simplifying maintenance. Controlled access to different levels.

Increases warehouse turnover

Compared to traditional storage systems and mechanically loaded shelving, StorFast ASRS offers significantly higher productivity with a smaller footprint. The modular design, combined with other features such as deep shelves for dense pallet storage and the lack of height restrictions, allows full use of space to ensure maximum productivity for both simple and complex configurations.

Pallet capacity
The StorFast system has a high throughput capacity due to the simultaneous use of several different robotic transfer vehicles and buffers. The energy consumption of single-base and base trolley movements is much lower than for crane-based systems.

Technical info

Description of the work process:

The incoming pallet is loaded onto the input conveyor, the pallet moves forward - the goods are identified and an address is assigned to them - aisle, floor, row, pallet location. Next, the pallet is lifted to the specified floor with the automatic elevator of the designated aisle, unloaded onto the buffer conveyor, transferred to the designated row with the transfer carriage AR of the aisle, and then transferred to the place of the pallet with the transfer carriage RS of the row. All movements, addresses, and current locations of the bases can be monitored in real time.

All transfer carts are autonomous, controlled by a multi-motor controller over a Wi-Fi network. The transfer carts automatically charge themselves in the standby position. The row transfer cart has a lifter that raises or lowers the base into the shelf. The transfer carts are equipped with four photo eyes in each corner of the base plate so that the base to be transferred is always in the correct position in relation to the transfer cart. The transfer carriage of the row takes the tray from the transfer carriage of the aisle into it - lifts the tray up and delivers it to the place according to the address in the shelf.

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StorFast warehouse management program

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