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Evolabel label printers and applicators

Evolabel label printers are user-friendly, easy to maintain and offer the best print quality for everything from small product labels to basic A5 label printing and automatic labelling.


Evolabel printers are user-friendly, easy to maintain and offer the best print quality.
The printers can be used for products from printing small labels with 4 inch printheads to basic A5 labels and automatic labelling.

Evolabel offers three different printers

D43 – 4″ direct thermal print printer 300dpi

T43- 4″ thermal transfer printer 300dpi

T63- 6″ thermal transfer printer 300dpi

The printer has an aluminium body and is made in one piece. There are no mechanical adjustments on the rollers and the printing and label guides. This means consistently good print quality throughout the life of the printer.

Evolabel printheads come in two different sizes – 4 and 6 inch. The printer is very easy and quick to change label rolls and ribbon (ink/tape). The printer has a built-in industrial PC and with the installed design software, labels can be designed either directly from the touch screen or via the network at the workstation. Printers can be very easily used with Nicelabel, Bartender labelling software.

Evolabel printers can be fitted with 9 different applicators according to the product and production line:

  • Wipe and Wipe90 – Applicators apply up to two labels to the product. For boxes either on two sides or around a corner. Also suitable for very high-speed production lines.
  • Tamp, eTamp, QuickTamp – Applicators stick a single label to the product according to the printer’s positioning. Suitable for high-speed logistic lines with products of different heights or for production lines with one product height and low speeds. The Tamp applicator is also suitable for pallets.
  • Tape – The applicator is suitable for high-speed production lines where labels are applied either on or under the product.
  • Blow applicators – Apply the label to the product without touching it. Capable of sticking up to 180 labels per minute.

There is a FlexWipe printer-applicator for pallets. A very compact, safe and powerful device in production. With this printer, we can stick labels on three different sides of the base. Half- and double-feet are not a problem either. With a motorised mast, we can move the printer to exactly the right height and scan each label as soon as it is applied.

Technical info

Printing resolution 300 dpi
Depending on the applicator and label size, up to 150 labels per minute
Standard label sizes from 30x20mm to 178x400mm
Printing speed up to 200mm/s
Device dimensions: 440 x 420 x 485 mm
Communications: LAN, USB, CAN, RS-232, ZPL, XML, API