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Signode Max battery powered inflator for filling cargo protective bags


Signode inflatable bags for cargo protection

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Anti-slip, slip and intermediate layer sheets

Signode offers a range of paper, cardboard and plastic single and multi-purpose dividers for use between layers of palletised product to achieve better transport packaging.
The slipsheet costs 80% less than a wooden shed and you can load 15% more products on each load on a trailer or in a container.


Signode offers a range of paper, cardboard and plastic one way or reusable intermediate layer sheets  of palletised products to achieve better transport packaging. Intermediate sheets are loaded either manually or automatically between the layers and the pallets are strapped and wrapped.

Solidboard / Sheets & Separators
Humid proof and flexible, Solidboard is ideal for use in the glass, metals and stationary segments. With one side anti-slip this product is great for stacking glass and other like products onto pallets. Solidboard provides protection without shrinkage. This anti-slip solution protects products from damage when slipping. The separator sheets offer load stability, reduced contamination, and greater product protection between layers of a variety of products.

Plastic Tier Sheets, also know as separator sheets and layer pads, offer maximum load stability, reduced contamination and greater product protection. Available in multiple gauges to suit different product applications, they are ideal for a wide range of industries, including those making food and beverage cans, aerosols, PET bottles and glass containers.

Reusable and recyclable, slip sheets offer a durable, space saving, pallet replacement. An excellent alternative to wood pallets.
Plastic Slip Sheets, the storage and shipping choice of many industries, increase product stabilization and reduce load migration, while meeting unitized load parameters. An economical alternative to other shipping applications, they reduce transportation weight and cost, while allowing for more product in less space.
Our paper slip sheets are made from 100% paper. We can also provide these sheets with a PE coating so that they are moisture-resistant. Paper slip sheets can also be used as separator on a pallet. Furthermore, we can provide the slip sheets with flaps (crease), making them easy to grab for a push pull system.

Slipsheet costs 80% less than a wooden house and you can load 15% more products on each load on a trailer or container.

Technical info

Plastic tabs product page

Paper and plastic slip sheet product sheet
Measurements 800 mm x 1200 mm
1000 mm x 1200 mm
1120 mm x 1420 mm
1180 mm x 1250 mm
1200 mm x 1300 mm
1200 mm x 1350 mm
Measurements 40" x 48"
44" x 56"
Thickness 0.635 mm to 4.50 mm (.025" to .180")

*Custom sizes available

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