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Tawi mobile lifting trolleys

With the Tawi mobile lifter, the roll is picked up from the base in an upright position, rotated horizontally by an electric motors, pushed to the unit, lifted to the appropriate height and placed in the correct position.

TAWI lifting equipment has been facilitating ergonomic material handling for decades, and by customizing our solutions to your specific needs we can guarantee that they will help lift your business.

TAWI Lifting Trolleys are ideal for moving goods to and from a production line, or simply lifting without being confined to just one work station. A variety of tools make these portable devices suitable for lifting different types of goods, including reels, drums and crates.


The robust and user-friendly lifting trolleys are easily adapted in height, width and strength to meet your specific requirements. Pick up goods in one place, move them effortlessly and lift them in place where you need them.

Lift, move, tilt and rotate goods up to 250 kg, with optimal precision and minimal effort.

Different types of forklift trucks can be fitted with rollers, boxes, containers, barrels, etc. for internal transport.

All the up and down movements of the forklift are powered by electric actuators and the rotation and tilting movements of the forklift are possible both mechanically and electrically.

Tawi’s mobile lift allows you to save the lifting heights of repeated operations, so that the next time the device lifts the product to be proven to the correct height, it will do it yourself.

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