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Signode VSM large load strapping machine


Signode LPE strapping station for sawmills

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Signode TSM vertical top seal strapping machine

TSM systems are specifically designed to be equipped with the H3000, H6500 or MHC strapping heads, providing flexibility in design to meet your specific needs. The TSM is designed for use with 9mm to 19mm PET or PP strapping depending on the strapping head, making it suitable for a number of heavy duty applications.

Features and Benefits

  1. High reliability, durable design built for continuous operation.
  2. Chute design for high speed, productivity, and maximum efficiency.
  3. Reduced cycle time with high speed strap feed and take up.
  4. Compact and robust design, flexible configurations to suit most applications.
  5. Low operational costs, long life, wear free brushless drive motors.


SIGNODE TSM has been developed for packaging a wide range of products with both polypropylene and polyester packaging straps. Bayonet version to strap products on pallets or closed chute versions packages without pallets.

The tensioning force of the strap can be adjusted within the range of 100 to 6000 N and the machine provides a retention accuracy of 3%. The machine uses the brand new clutch-less multi-drive head solution H3000 or H6500, which ensures the best reliability currently available in the packaging industry. The machine can be used for packaging all products with a circumference not exceeding 4000 mm. A wide range of accessories allows you to build the right machine for your production. The operator-controlled SIGNODE TSM is available for off-line operation on smaller production volumes. The different frame dimensions allow the machines to be used in very different sectors.

Possibility to add automatic corner protectors on all corners and a main press with up to 2000kg force.

Technical info

Strapping Head
Top Mounted MHC
Strapping Material
Flat, Embossed
Polyester, Polypropylene
Flat, Embossed
Polyester, Polypropylene
Strapping Width
Strap Tension
Sealing Method
Friction Weld
Carriage Speed
Approximately 160mm/s
Chute Types
PVFA or Closed Chute
Conveyor Height (PVFA)
Minimum 300mm
Conveyor Height (Closed Chute)
Minimum 380mm
Machine Weight
Approximately 600kg
Electrical Supply (Power Consumption)
400VAC, 50hz, 3ph (2-3kva)
Control Voltage

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