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Signode BXT3-19


Signode VSM large load strapping machine

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Signode Girotec II

Wrapping machine installed on a mechanical pallet jack. The fact that this machine is on a pallet jack makes it exceptionally mobile and independent from any external power supply thanks to both internal electric batteries.


The Signode Girotec RDL is a simple wrapping machine mounted on mechanical pallet jack. A very suitable assistant for pickers in logistics centres. The unit is battery powered and can handle up to 100 pallets on a single charge. With this device, you can improve the quality of the wrappallet ping – the device always does it the same way, regardless of the day of the week and the time of day, plus you save a significant amount of film – instead of using standard film, you use cheaper machine film and save at least 100 grams of film per pallet. Use a pre-stretched 7-9 my thick machine film  430-500 mm wide.


  • Mobility and easy maintenance
  • Fine adjustment of the brake
  • Easy change of film rolls
  • Easy operation from a control panel with touch display
  • Service and fault messages
  • Intuitive menu with pictograms
  • Soft start and stop
  • Possibility to adjust the number of layers at the bottom and the top of the pallet
  • Four wrapping programs
  • Adjustment of film overlapping
  • Automatic counter of the number of wrapped pallets


Wrapping machine to be installed on an electrical pallet truck or forklift truck. Mobile, efficient, with exceptionally good wrapping results. Compact with innovative design. Designed for own electric supply from batteries or external power supply from the batteries of the electric pallet truck. Works with oriented film.

Technical info

Productivity: 15-20 pallets per hour
Maximum wrapping height 1850 mm
Rotation speed 11 rpm
Battery charging time 8 hours
Up to 100 pallets with one charge
Maximum pallet dimensions 800x1200x1800mm

Girotec II RDL 1800 technical datasheet

Girotec II PL 2000 technical datasheet

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