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SIGNODE STD tensioner plastic strap


SIGNODE VT- 16/19 pneumatic strapping tool for plastic strap

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The simplest and most economical plastic strapping tool kit we offer consists of the SIGNODE STD tensioner and the SIGNODE D-504 sealer. It is possible to use packing tapes with a width of 9 – 12 mm. SIGNODE 58DY seals to be used.

The strapping process is straightforward – the tape is placed around the product, tightened, a packing lock is placed on the tape and the tape is closed with sealer. The tool is made of high quality materials, which makes this set a good tool for a very long time.

If you only pack a few packs pee hour, this is the kit for you!


Technical info

Materials used:
Packaging tape: width 9-12-15 mm, preferably SIGNODE Dylastic 610W, 714, 816, 935
Package locks: width 12.7 mm, preferably SIGNODE 50DY

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