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To simplify packing operations, SIGNODE offers a range of necessary strap dispensers and accessories. Strap dispensers  are recommended for the storage and economical use of packing straps. We have more than ten different types of tape holders in our range. To facilitate the use of powerful and heavier tools, we offer balancers (weight compensator) .

Extending the working life of pneumatic equipment requires the removal of moisture from the air and the dosing of lubricating oil into the engines. For this purpose, we offer miniature air handling units and compressors. Securing  heavy products is a time consuming and monotonous operation, especially when the product needs to be tied to several straps.

We offer special motorized SIGNODE PSF-type equipment that makes this process easy, fast and allows you to get rid of excess manpower. It is more convenient and safer to cut packing straps, especially steel packing tapes, with special tape cutters. The scissors are equipped with a limiter to prevent accidental movement of the packaging strap under high tension.


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